Who are the "Young City Makers" ?

Young people who will work with Dubai Government entities to propose project ideas to improve existing services and create new ones.

What is the "Young City Makers Championship"?

It is a new championship that His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, has launched with the aim of engaging youth to improve government services in Dubai and suggest future ones. This comes under the context of His Highness’s keenness to involve the youth in every field, including government services, as they are the main element in building our future.

Why should you participate?

  • Because you have big and creative ideas that can make a difference in Dubai.

  • Gain experience about government services.

  • An opportunity to share your thought about future services.


30,000 AED per winning team

How can you participate?

Improving Government Services
Future Government Services

Winners 2018

There will be a jury panel that will evaluate projects ideas and choose the top 2 (one in each category). Meet last year’s champions:

Government Services Improvement Category
Iqra Application
Service: Registration in Holy Quran Memorization Class request
Idea: A smart application that enables individuals to memories without personal presence in the group memorization, but by communicating with the mentor remotely from anywhere through (video chat).
The application also monitors the commitment of individuals and their performance, in addition to several other features, which contributes to provide an easier experience on the customers and ensures more individual register for workshops for memorizing the Quran.
Future Government Services Category
Dubai Bikes
Idea: To provide bikes near public transportation such as metro and bus stops with an aim to encourage individual to complete their journey with public transportations in an easier way. The idea targets everyone in Dubai, especially youth.


For attending workshops and registration: citymakers@tec.gov.ae

General terms & conditions

  • The team must be composed of 3 to 5 members from the same school.
  • Applications are only accepted from students registered in Dubai Schools.
  • There is no limit to the number of teams per school.
  • The age of the members can not be less than 11 and not more than 18 years old.
  • The project idea should originate from the team members.
  • The team can support the idea of the project by a short video (no more than 2 min) or a picture or a presentation that is made by the members.
  • The project idea should not have been shared or submitted in any other national or international competitions and awards.
  • Each team can participate with one idea for each category.
  • Each student can’t participate in more than one team per category.
  • Only entries submitted to the website before the due date will be accepted.
  • The application must be filled in English or Arabic.
  • The organizing committee can exclude any project idea that does not meet the general rules and regulations.
  • The judging committee can exclude any similar project ideas.
  • Participants can not delete or withdraw their ideas once submitted on the website.
  • By submitting any idea, you consent to transferring the complete ownership of the idea to the Government of Dubai.
  • By participating, each team member is giving the authority to government entities to implement any idea without an approval from the team members.
  • If an interview was requested for any team to clarify the idea, this has no implication on whether the team qualified or won the championship.
  • The decision of the judging committee is final after announcing the results.
  • The reward for the winning team will be handed to the members equally.
  • Government employees can’t participate in the championship.
  • The team can’t submit an idea that has been submitted last year, unless there is a substantial change in it.