Future Government Services

This category aims to involve the youth to propose new and innovative future government services, that aren’t provided by the government currently. It should also add value to people and contribute to their happiness. The team is required to propose a service that can be applied in the government using innovative and pioneering methods and pioneering to perceive the future government services from the youth perspective. Also, this new service can be targeted at a specific segment of people or for all members of society.

  • The suggested service shouldn’t be provided currently or announced to be provided by the government entity. The team can check with that from the websites of the entities or by contacting the Young City Makers team.
  • Identify the proposed entity or entities to implement the service.
  • The proposed service is applicable and has a positive impact now and in the future.
  • The proposed service should be innovative and pioneering.
  • Please see the list of general conditions.

How will the judging committee evaluate the ideas?

  • 30%
    Impact: What will this service add to Dubai?

    The idea will be evaluated by the social, economic, and environmental impact it has on Dubai, as well as on people’s happiness.

  • 35%
    Feasibility: Can this service be implemented?

    The feasibility of implementing the idea. Is there a high cost for the idea? Or is it suitable for the size of the idea? Is it a realistic idea that we can see in real life?

  • 25%
    Innovation: Is it a new and creative idea?

    The idea has the “WoW” factor. Is it an idea that no one ever thought of? Is it an idea that is new and creative and will amaze everyone?

  • 10%
    Sustainability: Can the idea be sustainable for in a long term?

    The sustainability of the idea and its effect now and for the future. Are we going to benefit from the idea today and next generation as well?